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goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend

I fell for my “fuck buddy”. And I let myself fall for him even more knowing that he was falling for me as well. The way he treated me, the way he danced with me, it all seemed perfect. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. 

And there it was… He randomly started acting strange. And after about a week of mind-fucking the hell out of me (sorry for the profanity), he decides to tell me the truth. The truth was that my slut of a best friend (remember the girl that kissed my crush in front of me?) slept with him the night after the first time him and I slept together. Bravo girl, you added one guy to your list of 50+ lays. 

I just wish he explained a little y’know? Maybe explain how he went from kissing me one minute to telling me how he fucked my best friend the next and then saying he wants nothing to do with me every again. 

The saddest part is that my heart tells me that he is a good person who has gone through a hard life, but that is not an excuse for the way he behaved. Whatever, hope he doesn’t treat girls like that again in the future. 

ON A HAPPIER NOTE, I’m glad to finally get rid of my so called “best friend”. She is full of secrets and lies and always wants everything. I honestly don’t want a person like that in my life.


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What’s it like, being a ten year old in La Masia?

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But it hurts…

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yesssss i do, many a times

yesssss i do, many a times

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Boy: I’m a genious at math yo

Girl: But not so much at English…

somebody find me a boy willing to be cute with me

somebody find me a boy willing to be cute with me

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